production process
Production process
First, you can communicate initially through email or chat tools to describe the production requirements and workload. To discuss the design plan, you need to provide design CAD drawings, sketchup, drafts or reference pictures and other materials that can express your design plan, so that we can clearly understand your plan and needs.
Hull gave the corresponding quotation and production cycle, and both parties initially agreed. We started a working meeting and started the work.
Model making stage
Model production stage
We have initially completed the building model. At this time you will see the model sketch sent to you by HULL. The picture will be very small and you can clearly see the material color of the building's appearance after the shape. At this timeThis can be 3D modeling based on design plans, or fine-tuning of ready-made models
camera and color
Camera angle and color
After the model receives your approval, the next step is to determine the colors, materials, and camera height and direction, which is crucial because post-production will be based on the camera viewpoint. Once everything is settled, we will proceed with post-production beautification. Rendering a high-definition image takes several hours, so please be patient.
Render background
According to the addition of the environment elements such as vehicles, lighting, trees, and an increase in camera materials, the color needs to be determined by you here.
Later beautification
Post beautification
After a long wait, we deliver a vivid and lively rendering. At this point, we are basically finished. Any adjustments you are unsatisfied with can be made.
About modification
About Modifying

You can inform us of your modification requirements through the chat tool or over the phone. It is best to indicate the modification requirements on our drawings. Our work efficiency will be very high.

As the CG industry has become mature and standardized in recent years, and image production prices have become cheaper and more transparent, maintenance and modification have become an important cost component of the CG industry.

Generally speaking, we develop detailed production processes to avoid duplication of work and low efficiency. Therefore, customers must carefully confirm every step of our production to improve mutual work efficiency.

1 .After the image is complete, addcameraangle or changecameraFor angles, there will be an additional charge for the entire image.50%

2. After the drawing is completed, changes to the model or plan shall not exceed50%The cost is based on the whole picture50%charge

3 After the drawing was completed, the modification plan exceeded50%Charged per new image

4 involvingcolorbrightnessContrast etc.PSThe software can handle countless revisions for free Anything that involves re-renderingThe steps for high-definition pictures will be charged according to the above standards.